Hans Jonas Interview

A reader has brought to my attention the fact that a link that I posted here many years ago to the complete text of my interview with Hans Jonas no longer works, I suspect for reasons of copyright.  I have therefore removed this defunct link and have been unable to find another URL in which the interview is made available at no cost.  The reference is to the author Harvey Scodel (myself), “An Interview with Professor Hans Jonas, “Social Research,” vol. 70, number 2, Summer 2003).  The interview seems to be commonly cited by students and scholars of Jonas.  It is prominently cited in the Wikipedia article devoted to Jonas, for example.

I will try in the coming months to make this interview available to a wider public by scanning it and posting it here or by putting a pdf version in the Cloud and linking  to that here.  As things now stand, one has to access the text via a library and a service such as jstor.

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